Meaningful Meal

Kids having a meal

Food is wonderful. It engages all our senses. It brings people together. It sustains us and comforts us. It’s the centre of many of our favourite moments. We want to take this seasonal passion and joy around food and use it as a driver to foster a Canadian movement.

This month, we’re asking Canadians to host a Meaningful Meal to help support food projects. Our goal? To see 250 Meaningful Meals shared across the country to help raise enough money to provide 530 tonnes of food to vulnerable children and families. Host your own Meaningful Meal to celebrate the food we love and create an opportunity to help others access the food they love.

Now, let’s get you signed up.

Other Ideas
  • Give your annual Thanksgiving meal new meaning—consider donating the cost of your turkey.
  • Devote snack time at your children’s school to celebrating food and teach the fun of sharing.
  • Love to cook? Post your favorite recipe on your blog or social media channels.
  • Have a birthday in October? Turn your birthday cake celebration into a meaningful meal with friends.